Currently available cask beers

Last updated 22nd August 2017

Core beers

Golden CascadeGolden Cascade 3.8%
Golden coloured ale brewed with Cascade hops for a citrus flavour and a floral aroma. It started off as part of a series of special 'duck' beers named after breeds of duck, but proved so popular, it is now part of our permament range.
Mucky DuckMucky Duck 4.0%
Dark stout, slightly sweet with chocolate and coffee notes from the roasted malt.
Pheasant PluckerPheasant Plucker 4.2% (OUT OF STOCK until 29/08/2017)
Amber beer with a slightly spicy taste and a citrus finish from the late addition of Cascade hops
Cunning StuntCunning Stunt 4.3%
Amber coloured single-hop beer brewed with American Willamette hops. The rub of the hops gives an estery/blackcurrant/herbal aroma.
Ruby DuckRuby Duck 5.3%
Dark ruby coloured beer with a rich full body and complex fruit flavours.

Current specials

CitraCrystal 3.7% (NOW SOLD OUT)
Pale single hopped ale using Crystal hops. Specific aroma descriptors of the hop include tangerine, woody, green, floral and fruity.
MinstrelMinstrel 3.8%
A golden single-hopped beer using a recent variety of British hops - 'Minstrel®'. Spiced berries with orange citrus.

Brewery swaps

 4T's Brewery - Walkers Resurrection 4.1%
4T's Pale Ale4T's Brewery - Pale Ale 3.7%
4T's APA4T's Brewery - APA (American Pale Ale) 4.0%

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